Tuesday, 1 July 2014

5 ReasonsWhy North West Is One OF The Luckiest Baby In The World

As you know, baby Nori a.k.a. North West, recently celebrated her first birthday (apparently Blue Ivy was bounced at the door). So we've decided that this momentous occasion is a good time for us to reflect on the undeniable fact that the heir to the Kardashian-West dynasty already has a better life than all of us. No shade y'all. But seriously. 

We even drew up this handy 5-point list for those of you who remain in denial, we titled it "North West: Living Good Since Forever". Here are some of the highlights:

Reason #1

Let's just get this totes obvious reason outta the way. SHE'S RICH! Baby Nori already has more zeroes in her trust fund than most of us can bear to count. While you get sour when your friend finishes the juice at your house, Nori just hosted her first birthday party titled "Kidchella". Word on the street is that guests got custom Yeezus tees. Not that she'll remember anything anyway.

Reason #2

While most Igers dream of being "discovered", the lovechild of Kimye has already featured in Vogue, people! Imagine the quality of #tbt photos she's gonna be able to use someday! 

Reason #3

While most kids grow up thinking that their dad's friends are slightly creepy, baby Nori can rest safe in the knowledge that her daddy is besties with Jay Z! Unfortunately, Kim's friends are wack-as-f*ck, but you can't win 'em all kid. Keep your chin up though; Pappa Yeezy is also homies with Jared Leto, Lupe Fiasco and Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci. 

Reason #4

Despite some concerns that the Godzilla-like egos of Kanye and Kim could never create a normal, healthy child, the babe who shares her name with the most boring province in SA, is pretty gosh darn cute. Also, have you seen the diamond earrings that Momma Kim just got her? One word: AMAZING! Rumours have been surfacing that Blue Ivy could be heard howling at images of the bedazzled Nori. Jealous down yo!

Reason #5

Forget the haters. Having Kimmy K as your moms has some serious perks. I mean, the woman practically manifested a million dollar career outta nothing more than a dodgy sex-tape, a banging booty and the good ol' fashioned desire to succeed. Basically, Kim can do anything! The Persian Princess was once just a lowly assistant to Paris Hilton, now she's the mogul of everything "K" related. Basically, Nori has all she needs to dominate in the year 2031. 

So there you have it folks, but don't feel too down and out though, if anything, Nori West is proof that dreams do come true! But let's face it, she's already won at this whole life game, we can only hope to aspire to her levels of success.

Isn't she lucky, her smile is charming,lol

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